Monday, April 1, 2013



With the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Peace be upon my brothers and sisters.

Ever thought that our dads are unfair? Or never wanna spend extra money for us? Or never wanna spend money for us like how our friends' dads do?

when we think that our dads don't give enough money for us, don't buy expensive cars for us, think again of what our dads must've thought when we were born. 

It could be 'I have another daughter to support now, I must work harder bcs what I earn now is only enough for me, my wife and her brother (maybe brothers, maybe sisters, maybe both! )'. 

Yes our dads might seem like he has more than enough to spend now, but God knows how much worry he has in his head. I'm pretty sure the moment we were born, he was already planning on how to earn enough money to pay for our college tuition fee. 

I'm pretty sure the moment we were born, he already bought nice pretty clothes for us. i am sure he saved up money even before we were born because first, he needs to pay the hospital bills. Second, the diapers that we poo-ed on, they were all bought for, so we literally poo-ed on money that he worked day and night for.

Now ask ourselves again

how many nights that we dont know of which our dads stayed up to finish his office work?
how many days when he was down with fever he still goes to work, all for the sake of money? 
How many times was he laughed by his friend just because he's been using the same set of clothes just because he wants to make sure we get to wear the latest clothes that was in trend?
How many times he turned down at chances of 'having fun' watching movies at the cinema just so he can take care of us when mom was busy?
How many sleepless nights he had when the school called him just because we were causing troubles to our friends?
How many times he contemplated on the thoughts of changing a new handphone just because we demanded a new phone for ourselves because our friends got themselves a set each?

Honestly, i dont know how much sacrifice daddy made just to make sure i am still alive today. Just to make sure i can finally have this macbook that i've been wanting since it was released by apple. Just to make sure i get the best of comfort i can get today? Honestly, I dont know how many times had i have his blood pressure high. 

I dont. Im sure none of us really know.

But why is it so easy for us to throw such tantrums about our dads on facebook, twitter? What did he really do, that is so bad, that he deserves such defamation? Not that i ever did that though. I hope i will never do. 

But looking at how the trends are now, like talking bad about our moms, our dads on social networks seems to be 'okay' scares me.

Now ask ourselves another question, after all the sacrifice he made, how can we drag him a step closer to Hell with every step we take when we don't cover our 'aurah' properly? 

Ahh. This really really scares me.

May Allah protect us from being disgraceful towards our parents.


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