Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ortho class? I give up.

Salam people.

Okay since i've been contemplating on what to write here, a friend of mine suggested i write stuff on dentistry. So here i am trying to portray how life is like being me...

which is most of the time i'm....


U know people have been saying that the thing you hate the most will be the thing you'll love the most..   and i'm trying to like it by writing abt it.. for my first post here..sebab gua memang benci ortho gua x sanggup nak g kelas ortho dah wehhh..

cuba tengok apa kitorang kena buat.. (sebelu tu sila cakap thanks sbb syasya dowload paint for mac semata2 nak lukis wayar ni fahamm?)
we have to straighten a semi curve wire (bottom one) into a super straight one (upper one) that can roll easily on a big class plate...

lol mesti korang pun macam.. kau apa doh syasya apa yang susah sangat..

MEMANG LAH SUSAH SBB NI HASIL DIA LEPAS 9 JAM. FAHAM.. 9 freakishly long hours and out of 49, only 6 have made through it.

everytime we think that we actually managed to do it.. the lecturer will say.. there's still some bend at the end.. 

so faham tak perasaan dia tu macam mana? 

jadi korang semua kena doa that by the next session, im able to straighten this wire. ameeen.. that's all folks.

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