Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Day of May 5th.

I boarded the flight and it took me 4 hours to reach singapore and another 2 hours waiting for the next flight.

By then, I knew I was not gonna be able to see or kiss or bid my father goodbye. Pasrah.

Waited and waited for the next flight and boarded the flight back to KL. Nurul picked me up in KLIA and still, despite being someone I trust with my whole heart, I did not cry in front of her. The first question I asked upon seeing her was, How was my mom?

She said mom looks ok. She looked strong. (She always does, anyway).

Then we went straight to her car. She was with another bestfriend of mine, Gg.

About 40 minutes after that, we reached my house. The first person I saw was my 2nd brother, who I ran to and hugged, and cried, (obviously) uncontrollably. He brought me to see my mom and the first thing I said to my mom was "Mana Ayoh? Kita nak tengok Ayoh.. Kita nak tgk bilik ayoh"

to which mom replied, (and crying!)

"Mana Mama nak cari Ayoh? Ayoh dah takde"

So I cried and cried and I went straight to the bed where my dad always slept on, and had my siblings all around me (except my younger sister in Egypt-as she was having her first final exam paper the next day and my eldest sister in Canada). I cried until i couldnt take it and my first brother kissed me on my forehead and let me cry to sleep on his lap.

The next day, my uncle Ayoh Ding came and I was okay. I was really ok. I was not crying or anything. I guess I was still shocked. RIght after he went back, My siblings and i went to my father's new home, Cried a lil bit but I was okay. Spent the rest of the day reminiscing the past and attending guests.

The next moment I broke down was when my uncle, Papa zi came around 4 pm. I hugged him and I could not bear looking at the striking resemblance he had with my father. They looked exactly the same, just that Ayoh was a lil darker and fatter. I hugged him tight and cried, i guess part of me was releasing all the burden I had in me since I got the news. When I was hugging him, the only thing he said was..

'be patient, he's in a good place and it's only a matter of time before you get to see him again'.

and that was the first day without Ayoh.

Rest of the days, everytime I miss him terribly, either he'll ocme in my dream or someone, somebody will just come up and say...

your father was a good man , generous, never talked bad about others and a whole lot more and they made me smile.

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  1. Semoga arwah ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang yang beriman . insya'Allah amin .