Thursday, July 18, 2013

Islam; Ilmu atau tradisi?


With the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

I am very intrigued to write this post since I've been seeing how easy my friends transformed themselves or made Hijrah these past few years and it amazes me that their hijrah is not just "wear the hijab hijrah" kinda thing you know. It's a complete hijrah of following the Quran and Sunnah.

Why? I often asked myself. I could not find the answer. So I asked them. Their answer is always simple and straight forward. "WEAR THE HIJAB and you'll find your way to Allah". I mean, cmon, Being a hijabi for the past 10 years or so myself, I could not really fathom them.

Then I started getting close to these friends. I wanna know what made them closer to Allah. I am very sure it's not just "WEAR THE HIJAB".

Later I found out that they have been attending courses and classes that made them realize that this dunya is just temporary. What's not is Allah, the Quran and Sunnah. They emphasize on reading your solah with your heart, not your mouth. They emphasize on Zikr. They emphasize on closeness of one to Allah. They emphasized on the struggles that the Prophets (peace be upon them) and the rightly guided caliphs went through to make Islam where it is today, and they emphasized on what we can do to make Islam in our heart, grow and swarms our mind, body and soul just like how we appreciate sunshine in the middle of winter.

And I ponder, but these people, they have been exposed to Islam since they were little, at least as little as 7. Well I went to a government school so Islamic studies was a must until upper secondary. did they not learn anything? Did nothing really touched their hearts? Why, after 5 years of graduating from high school, are these transformations happening?

Since I was in India for my preclinicals at that time, I started going on youtube searching for the Sheikhs that they have been attending lectures to, to name a few, Mufti Ismail Menk, Br Nouman Ali Khan, Br Omar Suleiman, Sh Yusha Evans, and Sh Daood Butt. Wallahi, I now understand completely why these changes are happening. If you're a fan of online kuliyyah like I am, you'd understand why too. They really unveiled a new perspective of Islam I never knew before. Like I said before,  they emphasized on what we can do to make Islam in our heart and make us want to perfect our Ibadah by understanding what Islam really is.

It really is not about making 1000 Zikr and counting it neither it is about wearing all black so that men do not get attracted to us. Never it is about memorizing a list of dua to be read upon after each solah.

Amusing as it may seem, it is also not about how frequent you finish the quran from cover to cover and have a big lavish majlis khatam quran with pulut kuning as a celebratory sign nor it is about keeping the beard so u can start joining the alim ulama in your neighbourhood.

It is really about remembering Allah in the heart and not knowing our lips actually uttering words of zikr,  wearing what pleases Allah WITHOUT thinking what others may think, making dua to Allah, knowing in our hearts that Allah really listens and whatever that comes thereafter is because He knows what is best for us.

Amazing feeling it is when we started to realize and want to make Quran our guidance and Sunnah our friends, finishing Quran made us want to go back to the first page and read all over again because once was just not enough. That celebratory feeling, it never came again.

All in all, the gem that i got from all of these, Islam and its beauty can never be passed down from one generation to next. The seed is already planted in our heart, we just need to grow it.

And how we nurture it is how we gonna enjoy the yields :)

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