Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why always me?

Have you ever wondered why your mom kept asking you to run errands for her and not your other siblings?

Have you ever felt that she was being unfair? Like she loves your other siblings more than she loves you?

Have you ever completed the chores feeling a tad bit sense of remorse in your heart?

I am sure everyone did. We are not Prophets we don’t have clean hearts to never feel upset in such unfairness. But did you know when your mother asked you to do something, it’s not because she loves you a little less than the others, but she did so because she trusted you to handle the matter. She knows it was going to be in safe hands.

Oh well, that’s what people would usually say, aint it? Just to make us feel good about ourselves, making us help moms because we’re that good yo!

Little did we realize that, being given chores to do is a blessing from Allah? First, it shows that we STILL have OUR MOM. Well I’ve lost my father and I would, if I could, trade anything in this world to hear him scolding me again, let alone asking me to run errands.

Second, the more we do stuff for our mother, the more time we spend doing stuff under her blessing? Should anything go wrong on the way of completing a task, please know it happened because we were helping our mother. And Allah blesses when mothers bless.

Third, ask yourself… everything you did… was it ever enough to repay her? The one who sacrificed her body just to carry you? The one who loved you even before you were born?

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