Saturday, June 21, 2014

The mightiness of facebook status

Salam readers.

I know i havent been writing because i have been doing so on my facebook page but i found all these facebook drama nauseating. Really, sad story here, humiliation of others there, promises laid down on a table like a feast (i'm a strong malaysian politics follower, i keep myself up to date with national issues like selangor water crisis and kidex and bla bla bla) people sharing photos and facts without checking the authenticity, photos of this and that (my mind repels of photos that show your act of charity, but syed Azmi's #tamakpahala is inspiring, really. So thats an exception. Lol). Some people even made facebook their life, their source of oxygen.. What's funnier is they made my status part of that oxygen. Really? Are u bothered with my status so much that you have to go and arghhhh i better not mention cz if i do, mati lah i nanti ada yang call and message lagi.. 

"Syasya your status is not appropriate, i humbly request u to please take it down."

When i get this kind of message i'd just go and i'll check if it is really inappropriate  or it's just you emosi lebih or thinking too far. I needed to clarify this so i put a status earlier today saying.. 

"Hmm for the past 10 years or so, i have been spending life away from home.. 2 years here, 2 years there.. From ttdi to langkawi to seremban to manipal to melaka. I met a lot of people, and made a few friends ( i keep my friends circle small, because i have trust issues, something i need to work on) .. 

Hence, when i put up a status or shared an article on my super private facebook page, please please ask me first if it is regarding you or not bcs i hate it when you assume it is about you (after all siapa makan cili dia lah terasa pedasnya). 

Lagi satu.. Toksah perasan sangat la. "

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