Sunday, November 8, 2015

Graduation Trip : Istanbul Part I

Well, hello there! 

Sorry for the hiatus. I thought of posting right after the first post but then I got lazy busy with my bestfriend/s wedding preparation and jualan karnival Karangkraf. To those who came and ordered or bought something from us, THANK YOU! The response was overwhelming Alhamdulillah. I am, in fact, just done cutting materials for the orders and I hope I can finish all orders soon.

Okay enough of crap. Now back to stories of my journey.

We started our morning rather early. We woke up at 6 for Fajr and then we went up to rooftop hoping to catch sunrise. Although the hostel worker (yang kat depan dalam gambar niii) macam emo sikit, he opened the door to rooftop for us anyway :D we spent about an hour enjoying the morning breeze, waiting for sunset overlooking Bosphorus. Cantik. Mesmerized. Excited. Ye laaah how many times in your life do you get to see Sunrise in Asia and Sunset in Europe, ye dakk? For about 10.50EUR, we got a good place to stay with friendly people welcoming us, and good breakfast to last us for the day. (I don't eat much when I travel.. I save money on food :) but I don't starve myself either )

Us at the rooftop. They serve breakfast here too! You can choose to have this view....

or this!

So lepas makan we decided to go for Bosphorus tour. With the little time that we had, we decided to go for the tour first since it's open early and then to other places we plan to visit. We were lucky the hostel staff was about to head to Eminonu (where the ports are) so we followed him jalan all the way from our hostel to Eminonu, which is about 2 stations away from Sultanahmet.

The guy in front is Sidi. He can be a bit cold at first but as we walked further up to Eminonu, he started opening up.

Us in front of Sulaimaniye Mosque before boarding.
On Bosphorus cruise where you can see Europe and Asia at the same time!

Okay. So after disembarking from the boat, we head on to try the Fish and Bread nearby. YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT A TRY, IT'S DELICIOUS. Nak kata lapar tak, sebab sebiji (SEBIJI?! SEBUAH?! SEKEPING?!) tu kita kongsi 4 orang. 

Lepas makan tu kita tunggu sekejap untuk jumpa dengan cousin Naurah. He's in Istanbul for 3 months, working as a pilot. He brought us around in Istanbul, made us walk all the way from Eminonu, to Sulaimaniye mosque, to Sultanahmet for Blue Mosque and Basilica CIstern and Grand Bazaar. BAsically we only took break for Zuhr and Asr. That, was at Sulaimaniye Mosque.

Us in front of the blue mosque.

Behind the scenes of no specs kinda holiday.

Inside the blue mosque.

 At one of the alleys in Grand Bazaar. Be careful you might get lost here. It's FREAKING HUGE.


SEYRI CIHAN RESTAURANT. Good view, food was okay.

Along the way, we stopped at Ikram's friends shops. Abuzer/Orhan. If you wanna go, it's near Grand Bazaar gate, in front of Otogar/ Bus stop. They'll give you good price inshaAllah. 

Orhan was so attracted to Ana he gave his number on Ana's phone. When he unlocked the phone, he saw our parents' photos and he goes like "My MAMA, MY BABA!"

 We headed back to our hostel to collect our luggage before the transfer to Cappadocia. You can ask the hostel staff to arrange the transfer for you. Like ours, we paid about 70 Lira per person (the ticket costs about 60 Lira each) but we paid extra 10 Lira for them to arrange the transfer from our hostel to otogar because we were so tired and lazy to figure it out ourselves :D .

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