Monday, November 2, 2015

Graduation trip: Part I

Salam and Hello!

Greetings upon you you earthlings!

I'm back to writing as I've been getting a couple of requests on my itinerary. So here it goes.. for you! but bear in mind that this is by far not the most ideal itinerary ever.. I will add some recommendations in between the notes and photos.

05 October 2015

We (Four of us - Naurah, Kak Nadiah, Ana and myself) took a flight from Kuala Lumpur the day before, on 4th October 2015 using Etihad Airways. Since we wanted tickets at an economical price, we had to transit twice. I would say stupid transit HAHAHAHHA kau gila apaa transit sampai 2 kali bazir masaaa. First sekali transit dekat Abu Dhabi, it was a 2 hours transit, which was fine. Then we took a connecting flight to Serbia for a 7 hours transit before going to Istanbul. (yes, Serbia- that's why I said stupid. Macam kau duk KL, nak balik Johor tapi transit dekat Kedah dulu, faham?)... Tapi one always have to remember that convenience comes with money.

Anyway, we arrived in Istanbul around 3pm which is rather late for a bout of sightseeing but there was nothing we could do about it.

 This is the passport control center. Once we passed through passport control center, we went to the belt to pick up our luggage. Alhamdulillah all but 1 luggage have safely arrived. Spent quite a while in the ground handling office trying to retrieve Kak Nadiah's luggage.
 This is us walking with our bags to the Mescit/Masjid for Solat Zuhr and Asr. It's easy to find praying area in all airports in Turkey :)

After praying and got ourselves refreshed, we headed to our place of stay. We stayed at Orient Hostel  which costs us about 10 Euro per person per night. Of course there is cheaper hostels in Istanbul but this is a good hostel, in my opinion. It's located in Sultanahmet, close to all the sightseeing spots that you HAVE to visit if you're in Istanbul. Say about 10 minutes walking distance to Sultanahmet mosque, Aya Sofia, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern.

The first night, we did not walk around much, we just strolled along Sultanahmet just to get the first taste of Istanbul. We passed by all the places mentioned above.

 In front of the entrance of Topkapi Palace.

 The place at night.

 The square in front of Aya Sofia.

 I shut my eyes in 7 out of 10 photos :D

 My bestfriend playing with the cat in front of the Blue Mosque. Trust me all the cats in Turkey are fat and chubby and cute and they eat almost everything. Even eggs... and egg yolk...

After about 1 hour of walking, we decided to rest and eat. We had our dinner at Rumist cafe, 100m away from our hostel.

FN: Please please find flights that DO NOT go up all the way to Serbia if you wanna go Istanbul. I would rather pay an extra hundred if it gets me straight to Istanbul from Abu Dhabi. Oh. Anyway, of all the airlines I've been on before, Etihad serves the best food!

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