Friday, March 25, 2016


"Women are at their most vulnerable when they do not receive enough attention."
"The best time to take advantage of women is when they are lonely"

Ever wonder if the sayings ever hold true? They are. I can vouch. They are.

Attention. Respect.

Women, we excite at the thought of getting all the attention in the world. We attend to those who give us attention. We do. To be giving us attention and respect is like betting against Manchester United in last 16 or Europa. You sure win. Ehh.

LOL no. Back to the issue. When you give a girl attention. She gives back. She gives back tremendously. What she gives back don't matter to her, as long as you remember what you are getting. You give your time, your emotional protection and your attention, you get back undivided attention, unwavering support in everything that you do and her respect of your ego. She makes sure that she's the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, she even burns herself to be the light at the end of the tunnel and when she does all that, it is laced with nothing but love. When you give her attention and you respect her needs of you, you've scored yourself a fighter. A fighter for you. A fighter for your happiness.

So you earned it. You earned her time, love and respect. She started giving. Slowly, but surely. This is where problems stem from. You receive. You realised that you like receiving. You've been on the receiving end far too long, far too many times - you forgot to give. Your attention is slowly dying, your time is slowly running out. Your respect of her needs, is slowly fading. She noticed, she felt, she realised.

So she swallowed all them feelings. She ends up giving more, she ends up feeling insecure, she ends up going against her own principles. Because she thought all that matters was you. She thought you are the light at the end of the tunnel. She thought if all else fails, she has you.

She forgot that she wants someone to be emotionally present for her - because sometimes all that matters is she can say " I AM WITH HIM" as and when she wants it. She played down her need to have someone telling her that her tangled, messed up thoughts are beautiful. She sacrificed her own happiness because at the end of the day she knows that seeing you smile is happiness to her. 

Just because she is not crying, does not mean she is happy being with you. 
Just because she is okay with you going out with your friends, does not mean she is okay staying at home waiting for you.
Just because she is smiling when she is with you, does not mean she is not sad being with you.

At the end of the day, remember, treat us like a princess and we'll treat you like a king. 

ps: you remember you, just because she is lonely and you know it, does not mean that she does not realise that you are taking advantage of her.

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