Friday, March 25, 2016

Group trip tips!

Got this from the old blog

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Merciful.
Peace be upon you my Prophet, and also my brothers and sisters.

Hey so as you all know I went on a trip around India for two weeks. Precisely west part of India, north-wards. Oh hey I forgot that we had a taste of how east part of india is like and that's Varanasi and Lucknow.

So look at the map and try to identify (please enlarge the image!)
Goa, Mumbai, Ahmadebad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Lucknow, Delhi, Shimla and Manali.

ermmm.. done? 

okay. so lets proceed!

no no im not gonna talk about each and every place in a single post that'd take me a whole day to finish it and a whole month for you to finish reading it so no. Not this post na aaaa. This post would be just about trip-planning esp if you plan to travel in a group!

  1. Go google nice places in anywhere well in my case its India and jot it down. You can select a leader or do it as a group.
  2. Go google map, or if youre to lazy to press the switch on button on your Vaio, Macbook, Dell or whtever laptop youre using, go to the bookstore and ask for Map of India.
  3. Now list it in order, i mean in whatever direction you think you wanna go, eastwards, westwards, north, or south.
  4. Then take a calendar and put the name of the places in the day u think u wanna be there. (make sure you've had the dates you plan to go on traveling!)
  5. Okay youre done with most part of it. Now go google each place and find whats interesting. Lets say you plan to go out and about Goa, Google or bing Goa or nice places in Goa and have a read-through. You can either plan it yourself and take the public transport when youre there or you can just call any travel agent in Goa to help you. Should be okayy :)
  6. Now I bet you're done with the places. Dont forget to have a look every now and then on your budget. If youre travelling in a group, I suggest u assign one person at one place. I was assigned Shimla and Manali, so me, because i was raised traveling in a group all the time, I found it easier (so much easier! and less worry ) if you keep the money you're gonna spend there. Like for Shimla and Manali, i asked the group members to give me a certain amount before the trip and that includes the lodging, accommodation and entrance fee to all the places we plan to go. If there's extra money at the end of the trip,I'd give it back (which i did! :) ) . In this case, the group members need not worry about anything else other than the money to be spent on food, and shopping. :) Buuuuuut, I traveled in a group of people I've already known for 3 years so they had their trust in me and i had mine in them. In this case, you have to careful (i'm saying this out of precaution not suggesting that you should not trust your friend youve known only for 2 months or so! ) if this is the case, then you need to use your own judgment. 
  7. Now that you have all the money, you can go purchase whatever you need. Bus tickets, or train tickets or flight tickets. So many tickets haihhh. You can either do it at a traveling agency or for me, I find it easier to just buy it online. Theres risk to every method or way though. If you buy it with the agency sometimes its slightly more expensive but you'll get a real ticket but if you buy it online, it could be a scam but one advantage it has is, f you lose your online ticket, you can always print it but that'd be a troublesome if you lose your real ticket. :) be wise! hmm i guess thats all for planning part.
Now some extra tips or points or whatever u wanna call it i guess it doesnt really matter.

  • If youre traveling in a group, never ever start the Blame-Game. Be it on anything. If someone is late or lost, never say harsh words alright? Everyone makes mistakes, everyone forgets every now and then, everyone gets so excited that they got detached from the group sometimes, just NEVER BLAME. give a reminder to him or her to be extra careful with the time and surrounding next time. bet you don want to travel in a group of people who sulk right? i mean RIGHTT? hehehe.
  • Be prepared with all the drugs and meds you need. Hypertension, Athsma or people prone to heart attack or cold or flu i can go all day listing the diseases but lets just stop here, you people please please ensure you have all your meds with you in case of emergency. this is super important shall you fall sick during traveling.
  • Take each and everyone's phone number, and passport number. This one i guess you can think the reasons yourself :)
Hmm this is such a lengthy self-written post, I'm tired already. If there's anything i remember, I'll update alright?

p/s: i'll update on each and every places I went in separate posts. Toodles!

Peace be upon you my brothers and sisters.

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