Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The question!

It's puasa and soon it's gonna be raya. 
And I am one, for sure, gonna be bombarded with when are you getting married kinda question. 

Truth be told, who doesn't wanna get married and have kids? 

I do. But I need to be sure that the person I'm gonna trust my life with, can raise my kids to be at least half of Umar RA, of Aisha RA. The one who turns to Allah before anything else. 

Have I not found any? I don't know. Maybe I have.   I don't need someone who by heart can recite the whole 30 juzuk of AlQuran although it would be nice or even one who stands up at night crying to Allah. No I don't. It's enough if the person doesn't blame Allah for all the misery that he was befallen with, and he thanks Allah for all the bounty that was showered upon him. Basically, just one who remembers Allah and one who is content with whatever that Allah has decreed upon him. 

And why am I not even worried that I am still not married though i'm 26? 

Because I believe He will give when I'm most ready. 

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